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Title Kombucha 1...2...3... 
Preparation time Other than waiting for water to boil or cool, none of these steps takes more than a few minutes. 
Servings 3 quarts 
Ingredients A living Skoby and at least 1 cup of plain Kombucha from a previous batch
1 gallon Water – filtered, distilled, or tap
8 tea bags – at least 4 should be Black Tea. I use half Black/half Green. NO OILS or added extracts!
1 cup white sugar

Flavoring options – whatever you like, just keep in mind that fruits can go bad before the Kombucha!

For my favorite (so far) Strawberry Mojito:
1 cup strawberries, sliced; 3 sprigs mint; 2 whole limes, cut in half and squeezed into the jug 
Method Equipment:
Stew pot or Dutch oven large enough to hold at least a gallon
Lid for Pot
Parchment Paper
Metal ladle
Wide Mouthed Heatproof Glass Gallon Jar
Tempered Glass measuring cup (optional)
White Vinegar
Finely woven cloth (I use a man's handkerchief)
Resealable bottles, glass (growlers) or plastic (but only for short term)
Pot holders, mitts
Covered glass bowl or small casserole dish – does NOT have to be airtight

I'm explaining in excruciating detail - don't let me scare you! I'd rather tell you too much, especially regarding the sterilization steps, than forget something important.

Day One:
Fill your large pot with tap water and about a cup of vinegar. Bring to a rapid boil. Place your ladle, cloth, and measuring cup (if using) into the pot and boil for five minutes. Turn off heat, carefully remove the ladle and use that to fill at least half the gallon jug. Swirl for a few minutes, then drain. Drape the cloth over the top. Empty and rinse the pot.

Again, fill the pot with water, this time using the filtered or distilled if desired. Bring to a boil. Add sugar and stir. Add tea bags and turn off heat. Time for 15 minutes. Remove teabags, cover pot with parchment paper, then lid, and let cool to room temp – this may take several hours. After it has cooled somewhat, you may transfer to the glass jug – it will cool faster there. Make sure you leave 2-3” of room at the top !!

When completely cool, gently place your Skoby and starter liquid into the container. Cover with the clean cloth and secure with a rubberband. Place in a safe location out of direct light.


About Day Ten:

I've found that the waiting period is affected by temperature – the warmer it is, the faster it will process. You can measure the pH if you like (supposedly 2.5-3.5 is the best), but I check the size of the NEW Skoby (seeking about 1/4”), the scent (slightly yeast AND vinegar), and in truth, the color lightens slightly.

After one week, TASTE! It will become more tart with time. For me, so far I've gone between 10 and 14 days, often depending on my schedule, and it's been fairly consistent in flavor.

Sterilize your small bowl, its cover, a ladle, and wash your hands. Do NOT use hand sanitizer and be sure to rinse extremely well. Remove rubberband and cloth cover, then gently lift both Skobies (they will be somewhat attached to each other) and place them in your small bowl. Ladle at least a cup of your newly made Kombucha into the bowl, adding more if needed to cover the Skoby. Set in a safe place out of direct light for your next batch.

About Day 10:
Add your flavoring to the jug. Replace your cloth cover and secure with the band. Again the time can vary – for strawberries I wait until the color has been drained from the fruit and has permeated the liquid. Of course, you should taste.

About Day 15:
When you're ready to bottle, time to sterilize again. In your big pot boil some tap water and vinegar. Ladle and funnel in for a bath. Line up your clean serving bottles. I place the funnel in a bottle, ladle it half full with the boiling water, seal, shake/rotate for a minute or so, drain and seal. Continue until all bottles are done.

Remove your flavoring remnants and toss. Fill and seal each bottle, leaving at least an inch at the top. Now is when the fizz happens! Place in a dark space for two or three days, then refrigerate. Refrigerating slows the fermentation, but does NOT stop it! Do not shake, and be cautious opening – the older it is, the more the fizz!!!

Enjoy!! Repeat ad infinitum 
Nutritional information Some further info from Dr Axe
Posted by Linda 
Posted on Monday 04 July 2016 - 16:05:33