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Title META Breakfast Pocket from Budget Gourmet Mom 
Preparation time Once all ingredients are assembled, 15-20 minutes plus 20 minute bake 
Servings 12-16 
Ingredients WRAPPER:
Version I (homemade dough):
1 1/2 tbsp yeast
1 ½ tsp yeast
½ cup warm water
¾ cup evaporated milk
½ cup oil
¼ cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp salt
3 ½ cups bread flour
¼ cup bread flour (maybe)

Version II:
12-16 six inch flour tortillas

½ to 1 pound of your choice, cooked and in small pieces: Bacon, Sausage, Ham... ???

up to 3 cups total raw

1 ½ cups diced, partially cooked – purchase frozen home fries or hash browns, OR
dice raw potatoes, spread in an even layer and nuke for 5-8 minutes or parboil until not quite fork tender

about 1 ½ cups (7-8 eggs), whisked
a splash of milk, cream, half n half, water, ...
liquid seasoning, if desired: hot sauce, worcestershire, liquid smoke, sriracha


1 ½ – 2 cups shredded, preferable a good “melting” cheese

Method If making your dough, combine the yeast and warm water and let sit about 5 minutes. Add the rest of your ingredients up to the flour – only add half of the 3 1/2cups at this time and beat until smooth. Stir with a wooden spoon or a dough hook on a mixer and add the balance of the flour, and the optional ¼ cup (or more) if still sticky. Dough should be very soft. Cover and let rest in a warm place for an hour.

To make the filling, use a large skillet – my preference is my 10” high sided pan. If you haven't already done so, cook your meat of choice; drain any excess fat. Add your veggies and saute until somewhat soft and most moisture had dissipated. Add your potatoes. Toss everything well and season with salt and pepper and whatever else you want, to your taste.

Lightly whisk your egg mixture and pour into pan. Gently toss all together – you want enough egg to coat everything, but not much more than that. Think of it as your “sauce”? Cook over medium low heat until the egg just barely starts to set – you will notice the color change.

Remove from heat and spread your cheese evenly over the top. Cover with parchment and set aside for about 5 minutes.

Divide your dough into 12-16 pieces (whatever size feels right to you) and roll into squares or lay out your tortillas. (When I use tortillas, I make 8 6 inch (a package) ones and a couple with the full size burrito ones for lunches.)

Fill, fold, seal, and place on a baking sheet.

Bake at 350F for 20 minutes: rolls should be golden brown,

tortillas crisped enough to hold their shape.

Eat now, or cool completely and either wrap in parchment then foil, or use zip sandwich bags inserted into one large freezer zip bag. They thaw fairly quickly or can be nuked in a couple minutes, so I always freeze them. I really don't know how long they last in the fridge... 
Nutritional information  
Credit I've mentioned these breakfast-pockets in an article or or two, but sadly the link to the original source, is apparently no longer functional. Ultimately I found a fellow devotee's link: which seems to have the same easy dough recipe. It is light, slightly sweet – you could probably use “tubed” crescent rolls, but I haven't tried this yet.

As for the pockets themselves, I've made a few variations – here are my favorites:
Breakfast Sausage, Peppers and Onions, Cheddar – the original
Bacon, Spinach and Mushrooms, Swiss and Moz – a delicate and delightful blend (don't forget the nutmeg!)
Savory Sage Sausage (Bob Evans), Kale and Onion, Colby Jack – spicy already, but I add some smoked paprika and cayenne

Let me know what YOU come up with!!! 
Posted by Linda 
Posted on Sunday 14 May 2017 - 09:56:31