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Title A Great Pie Crust 
Preparation time  
Servings One double crust pie 
Ingredients -2 cups of flour
-1 cup of Crisco
-1/4 cup of milk
-2 tablespoons of vinegar
Method -Mix the flour with the Crisco, cutting the flour into the Crisco with a fork and a knife
It is VERY important to use the fork and the knife, as touching the dough with your hands more than you have to will toughen it and reduce flakiness
-Sour the milk in a separate bowl with the vinegar, mixing completely
-mix in the soured milk with the flour-Crisco mixture, mixing until a ball is formed
-split dough into two balls, roll out separately

Bake at 375 for 15 mins, then 450 for 15 minutes to a half hour, until top crust is golden brown
Nutritional information  
Credit As an avid baker and a high-schooler trying to earn money for a trip to Spain, I've made a lot of pies for a lot of bake sales. I'm here to share with everyone!

My Grandmother has had this recipe for a very long time ,and I've used it so many times, I have it memorized. It makes 2 flaky crusts, so you can make a pie with a top and bottom, or split the recipe in half to make only one bottom crust. 
Posted by Marisa 
Posted on Monday 12 September 2011 - 15:56:30