Click on [Signup]!!
Just in the last few days, 23 people have tried to log in before they became members. Believe me, I LOVE the enthusiasm, but...

I freely admit that I did it wrong the first time myself! Pretty please, read 'Membership & Privacy' if you have any questions....

And Thank You, Facebook Readers! Hundreds of you are visiting regularly, and I thank you for that. Now, please take the next step and click the ‘XUP’ option to become a member so we can hear your voice! You have it even easier, as Facebook will fill in any info for you.

Share your comments, recipes, and stories, ask your questions, even criticize the writing (but gently, please )… Become a blogger with us!

It’s free, no spam, and instructional for all. You’ll still be able to sign in through Facebook, but you’ll have so much more access. The more voices, the better.

We ALL want you to become members and share your ideas.

Posted by Linda :
Sunday 26 February 2012 - 14:39:57
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