Notice anything NEW?
Oh, that’s right – only members can see it… We’ve opened up the “Submit News” status to ALL MEMBERS! Now, don’t get all excited about spamming us – it still requires an Admin approval to appear on the front page…
But hey, there are times when I get tired of my own “voice” – I’m sure you might as well. This site could benefit from a little more interaction! So now it’s YOUR turn to write about your latest triumph or, better yet - horrible failure. Warn the rest of us! How about a family tale involving a meal?

I spend a lot of time searching the web, mags, cookbooks and TV networks looking for some interesting stuff – but I’m sure I miss a lot. So come blog with us!

Don’t worry about knowing how to post a link or an image – we get a chance to edit, if needed. So copy and paste the link where you want it, send the photo to - we’ll figure it out. Just WRITE!

The more voices here, the more we’ll all learn…

Posted by Linda :
Sunday 03 July 2011 - 11:24:02
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