So many memories revolve around food…
Let’s face it – while it may not have been the focal point, EVERY family or friendly gathering has something to munch on. And sometimes, the dish that was involved evokes so many special memories…

It could be something that could have been tragic that turned into a perennial joke that only your family “gets”. It could be a recipe that could be ”lost”, because that special person who created it is no longer here? Or how about a treat that you absolutely adore - not just because it tastes sublime, but because you know that it is prepared by an incredible person in your life…

The original thought in creating this site was to have a place where we could all share those kinds of stories. My voice shouldn’t be the only one you hear. Yes, I love cooking – but it takes a back seat to the pleasure (both in the eating and the telling) that I hope I can share. Putting your story down in words can bring you joy as well.

Laugh or cry about your kitchen failures, delight in the triumphs – all of that can be shared here. Preserve your Grandparent’s special recipe for the ages… Rant away (remembering that this is a family site ) about a recipe that just DIDN’T work – we could all use the warning!

Did you just whip up something from your heritage or maybe just a little “odd” from your pantry?? Tell us how you did it, and all pictures are gratefully posted! If you enjoyed it, we all would love to know more.

Write, write, WRITE!!! This is YOUR place.

Posted by Linda :
Tuesday 07 February 2012 - 15:24:23
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