Wanna Smoke?
FOOD, silly Smoked salmon, smoked pork… The time to fire up the grill is here – make the best of it!

I’m looking forward to trying it this summer, and here is a simple tutorial… I’ve never done it before myself, other than the indoor method I learned on America’s Test Kitchen. I’ve watched many an episode of ATK where they use the methods described in the tutorial, so I know it works.

And here’s a potential cost savings I got from a neighbor. I saw him walking out of a pet store, and knew he didn’t have any pets, so… I said something like “Looking for a new family member?” and the response surprised me – he was there to buy the wood shavings that are used in some creatures’ habitats. Because (wait for it) he said it was cheaper than buying wood chips packaged for grilling! Check your own markets, and make sure whatever wood you buy is free from any chemicals, etc…

Try this technique with me? And if you’re already an expert, please tell us more?!

Image from Cookery Circle

This kind of smoking is welcomed anywhere!

Posted by Linda :
Monday 26 March 2012 - 08:44:39
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