I simply CAN'T
I'm aware that eating meatless once in a while is good for you, and I can handle vegetarian – heck, I've thoroughly enjoyed many options along the way. But VEGAN? Nuh uh, ain't gonna happen

Even THIS recipe for Sweet Potato Enchiladas, which contains some of my favorite things... I was doomed from the start. For example, I didn't have any vegetable stock (though I'd bought some recently – must've used it elsewhere), so instead of water I used beef stock. BAD, I know. Since it hadn't specified when and where, I added the smoked paprika and salt to my whipped sweet potatoes. I'd recommend spicing them up as much as you want - the sweetness will still shine through, and I wished I had added a touch more.

Mushrooms I've got no problem with, and used Crimini, aka “Baby Portabellas”. After tasting, I still wasn't thrilled with the balance, and added a generous dash of Worcestershire sauce. Now, why is this bad? It's got anchovies, don't ya know! But it DID add that bit of umami that was missing.

Believe it or not, I actually proceeded without the cheese I was so certain it would need.

I'll never make it as a Vegan, but if you can and do, this recipe is definitely worth a try – as is.

As for the rest of us, my tweaks, and yeah, my final condemnation of adding some cheddar and Monterey jack on top of my second serving, I can definitely recommend this for your Meatless Monday. Relatively quick (not sure how they came up with only 15 minutes of prep tho), and a filling meal with a super-food. Add a salad or some beans, and you're done.

Posted by Linda :
Saturday 03 May 2014 - 08:39:03
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