Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Cream Cheese COOKIES! OH MY!!!
Prep time for these is literally about 5 minutes – and I made TWO batches!! Now, that is your actual effort – for best results, you've GOT TO let these chill overnight. But, OH Baby – these are good!

I've seen a few versions of Crescent Roll based cookies, so I decided to go with the “wiki” to try myself, and to share with you.

First, you whip some room temp cream cheese with sugar and vanilla, and then you spread it on an opened “tube” of crescent rolls. Pinch the seams together first, of course. I mixed my choice of dark chocolate and peanut butter chips, and then sprinkled, well, sort of evenly...

Now, here's the odd part – as you roll this up, narrow end to narrow end, the entire roll grows! Looking at that pic, you've got maybe a 6” x 12” base – yet what I ended up with was a bout a 13” log, approximately 2” in diameter. As I said, I made two batches – so once I rolled each, I wrapped them in plastic wrap, and gently “smooshed” them into an even log – and then chilled overnight (one will be frozen for future use).

Now, it was 80+ degrees today, our first “scorcher” of the season – and I turned my oven on for these

Very, very nice! A delightful cross between cookies and pastry – with absolutely NO fuss! Not too sweet (even when you hit that chip!), and superbly simple. I'll agree with the original post – use mini chips, or coarsely chop whatever blend you choose. Every single cookie looks different, and probably has a different flavor palate – actually, I LIKE that! But if you want them uniform, smaller is better. Next time I think I'll add some finely chopped nuts...

I am SO glad I doubled this {tee hee}!!!

Posted by Linda :
Tuesday 13 May 2014 - 20:46:25
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