I haven't given this advice in a while...
Until you are confident in your own ability to select and perform a recipe, and even after, I suggest reading the comments section. You'll get opinions good and bad of the process, what folks did differently... Of course, you can skip all that if you just read MY commentary

I needed a chocolate cake. He's allergic to nuts. I wanted to try something I hadn't made before. THIS seemed perfect! But then I read the comments and got scared – not about the RECIPE, but about people in general. Here are some general guidelines, especially if you are inclined to speak your mind. First of all, if you haven't MADE the recipe, please - BE QUIET

If you don't like chocolate, why on earth would you read, let alone rate, a recipe about a chocolate cake? Okay, that's a bit extreme, but not far off – several mentioned that they didn't like coffee, so did they really have to use it? Short answer, NO – but coffee enhances the depth of the chocolate flavor, so it's always a good call. It's your kitchen, leave it out, but why criticize the recipe when it turns out with “minimal chocolate flavor”, right? I added a dash of cayenne, because I have discovered a bit of heat is a divine combination with chocolate, and well, that's how I like it! If I added too much, I WON'T blame the writer. Don't you do it either.

Please put on your reading glasses. You only show your ignorance when you scream “5 CUPS of flour? That CAN'T be right!” (I'm paraphrasing some comments so as not to offend the guilty parties ). Nope – only 5 Tablespoons. “The frosting was gritty – shouldn't have used granulated sugar.” No, you were supposed to have creamed the sugar "until dissolved" (no more grit?) and THEN whip for another TEN minutes. Even if you skipped ONE of those instructions... Oh, and back to that chocolate flavor? The recipe calls for THREE quarters of a cup of cocoa, not just one...

Hey, I'm not perfect by any means, and have never pretended to be. I've TOLD you about some of my goofs (forgive me if I don't cite them today), but a lot of this was just plain ol' depressing. I went looking to answer a question of my own: how long or to what consistency should I cook the flour and milk? I did not find the answer, so I cooked over low heat, stirring constantly, until all lumps were gone, it bubbled slightly, and had the texture of, uh, um...? It was trying to make new lumps? Thicker than Elmer's glue, thinner than Elmer's paste!?! Every food item (like gravy or soups – or even oatmeal, lol) that I can think of are so subject to personal taste....

Many were right on this one – I cooked it about 8 minutes longer than the recipe called for. Could be my oven, could be that it's frigid in New York today... But nice crumb, right?

Easy frosting job, and it is PURE white (well, until I got a few crumbs mixed in, lol)! Nice contrast to the deep chocolate.

[ Taste of Home's pic for now – mine once it's cut. ]

Moral of the story? Think, try, and take responsibility before you post. And this cake is awesome!

Posted by Linda :
Tuesday 13 January 2015 - 12:11:36
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