We gotta WORK on Super Bowl Sunday?!?
And we checked – not even time and a half...

Fortunately, I'LL be near a wall of TVs, but it just won't be the same – so I'm putting together a treat for my co-workers: Ham and Cheese Sliders. Yeah, it's not the traditional wings and pizza, but hey – I'm making an effort here!

Shopping the day before (and after a winter storm warning) did not leave a huge selection of bread products – I got the last three dozen rolls in the store! Thick sliced ham was easily found at the deli, along with swiss cheese slices. The turkey breast looked good, so I opted to make some of the sliders using that instead of ham...

The prep is really quick and easy – I just cut the meats and cheese to the size of the rolls, and then set up an assembly line.

I packed them into 9”x9” disposable cake pans for convenience.

The poppy seed topping looks a little odd, but it tastes really good! I might have misread, but I used dried onion flakes, and I liked the result. Just make sure that you keep stirring it along the way I let it sit in the fridge overnight - that was MY choice. Just a few minutes will do...

But hey, it's what you serve that counts, right?

And you STILL have time to make these!!!!

Posted by Linda :
Saturday 31 January 2015 - 21:31:21
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