The Best Brownie that isn't QUITE a brownie – that you'll absolutely LOVE
I've made this recipe more than a couple times – and it's awesome! What bothers me is that the last time I went to the saved link to get the recipe I was told that after over a year, I no longer had privileges?!?

Okay, lets all shake that off. We're about to make Banana Foster Chocolate Crusted BLONDIES. That's MY name for them, and very appropriate. Bananas Foster is a pan seared, deep caramel, rum sauce that is flambeed as the bananas cook, often served over ice cream. Here you have all the flavors baked into a chocolate crusted BROWNIE. Repeat after me...

I use my food processor to crumble the chocolate grahams, a touch of sugar and the melted butter.

Press all of that into the 13”x 9” and bake for a short while, then cool.

Now for the fun ingredients! Obviously missing are the bananas, which I'd frozen and well, they really aren't very pretty after that...

Bananas, eggs, rum, flour, salt, walnuts... Shmoosh them all up in your food processor or mixer.

The KEY to this recipe is browned butter – I've posted about this technique before and promise: I took lots of pics and will post a simple tutorial soon.

That gets mixed into the batter that gets poured over the crust and baked. And then...

OH PHOOEY!!!! I don't have any pictures of the finished product!?!? I've got to make these AGAIN?

to be continued...

Posted by Linda :
Saturday 14 October 2017 - 18:00:49
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