Too hot to cook? Grill, baby, GRILL!
I've had some shrimp in my freezer for a while – figured I could put together something wonderful for a last minute invite to the extended family's lake cottage. Did I say 'last minute'? HA!! You might have picked up by now that my new position entails a crazy schedule, and sometimes even the best laid plans have gone awry...

I've missed several family events, and one time that I actually had the day off, I was sicker than a dog (no offense, Shadow & Taz)! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

So the universe has aligned in my favor – a beautiful (tho beastly hot) day, all errands run before noon, laundry in the washer... and it's about time I cook that shrimp! I'd saved this recipe from Mario Batali - Orange & Chili Glazed Grilled Shrimp sounds PERFECT! All ingredients on hand – even some asparagus that I can quickly grill and maybe, for a complete plating, some angel hair pasta? Oh, yea, sounds delightful to me

Peeling (and deveining?) the shrimp is the most tedious effort involved... The marinade goes together quickly (I used an immersion blender for quick clean-up, too), and then the arduous wait (in front of my A/C, lol). As I don't have a grill basket, I opted to skewer the shrimp. Using a tip I learned from ATK, I alternated 'head to tail', using two skewers. Keeps them close together, and helps reduce the risk of over cooking – NO one wants rubber! Ok, that's a little monotonous, too...

For the asparagus, I simply broke off the root ends (they will naturally break where the tender section starts), brushed them with some olive oil, and sprinkled lightly with equal parts salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Yeah, I started the water to boil so that my pasta would be able to cook as soon as I finished with the grill – a total of about 8 minutes. And now, on to the moment we've been waiting for!

I added just a splash of olive oil and a pat of butter to the pasta, and then some orange zest, oregano, and cilantro... And of course I adorned the entire plate with some scallion and orange zest, as requested...

Sweet and spicy shrimp, slightly garlicky asparagus, somewhat mellow yet flavor enhanced pasta... Oh my, this is a GOOD one

Posted by Linda :
Tuesday 16 July 2013 - 16:44:25
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