I'm not so sure about this one...
When I first saw the recipe it sounded delightful – spicy, tender chicken in a tomato and cream sauce – but this one left me flat. As I've never had it served to me in proper Indian style, maybe you should be the judges?

Butter Chicken, also known as Murgh Makhani seems to be classic dish. To be fair, this is NOT the recipe I first found that enticed me, but was the best match to the ingredients I had purchased for that one (my computer saw a “blue screen of death”, and I am now writing on a laptop purchased for me by the most wonderful man... <3) and the instructions I remembered. The only part that seemed different was a lack of fresh ginger, so I added some.

The marinating compound packed a serious punch by itself – and yes, it made the chicken super tender – but flavor was ultimately lacking. It LOOKED and SMELLED good with the onions,

but after simmering with the tomato blend, and the addition of cream...

It looked beautiful, but didn't taste much different than cream of tomato soup?! Definitely needed a lot more salt, and with the addition of some dried jalapeno was somewhat closer to what I'd imagined.

So folks – especially those who have enjoyed Murgh Makhani - were my expectations wrong, or was this just not the best recipe?

Posted by Linda :
Friday 22 August 2014 - 14:08:34
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