There's still time to do something "WOW"!
If you've got the ingredients and containers, you can still make one, or two... or ALL of these! I paid attention, and got some awesome gifts for the (almost adult) kids, but we “grown ups” decided to keep it simple this year. Surprise, surprise... I made a few things

I like to have a theme, and since I've seen so many different recipes almost everywhere this season, I am fudging it. Yes, I've made a collection of what could arbitrarily be called “gourmet” fudge. A variety of fudges? It's not just your Grandma's chocolate fudge anymore...

Remember that Pecan Pie Cheesecake version? Yep, some of that is going into the packages. And a couple years ago I shared that Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough delight – that was a joy to create again! Honestly, this is the only one that requires any serious effort or any skill at all. All the others use sweetened condensed milk (Dulce de leche {ahem}) or marshmallows, marshmallow creme and/or white chocolate, which isn't chocolate at all...

I HAD to make a peanut butter version, cause, well, that's my favorite classic!

Now here's where it got interesting! How about Mint Chocolate Chip?

If 'cookie dough' was great, why not Cake Batter?!? Looks fun, doesn't it?

To create an even more indulgent indulgence (tee hee), I even stumbled upon a recipe for Jack Daniel's fudge... Let me tell you – smooth southern whiskey and dark chocolate, well... It's kind of a divine pairing.

I was SO tempted to add some pecans to that one, but it was so indescribably creamy, that I couldn't risk it.

There's one more underway, so I can't share my results yet, but here's a copy of their pic

I'll have each type sealed, with a few varieties per box, but here is my imagining of the ultimate serving platter – that is, IF you find yourself able to share

Actually, this platter is for my workplace's buffet tomorrow - I've opted to omit the boozy variety, tho I'm bringing a sample for a buddy to take home

Posted by Linda :
Friday 19 December 2014 - 13:35:23
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