Ok, THIS recipe made me buy Popsicle molds
Over the years I've seen lots of recipes for popsicles. Some seemed interesting, so I tried them the way my Grandma made frozen treats – with an ice cube tray! I fondly remember a blend of orange and pineapple juice that was served in cubes and held with toothpicks (two per cube, as I recall).

Those I made, and enjoyed. There was another from my youth – pudding made with either twice the milk or half the milk. Neither version brought back satisfactory memories.

Some I found online turned out more like slushies, some froze so hard they simply wouldn't break apart and were oddly flavored ice, and then the creamy ones were SO delicious – but they wouldn't freeze into a solid form. I was about to give up, but then...

Key Lime Pie POPSICLES?!? Not only did it SOUND delicious, the recipe used a balance of water based ingredients (lime juice) with enough creamy stuff (I'll let you read the recipe) that it just MIGHT freeze and still be eatable? I bought some molds, and as they say, the rest is history, lol!

Zest and juice some limes and blend with the rest of the ingredients – it definitely doesn't look like water, yet it's more fluid than some that included whipping in the process. I didn't have quite enough juice from my limes, so I rounded up with lemon juice - I liked the slight tartness.

These are the molds I chose – there are LOTS of types out there! I liked these as the end result could be portable – I could make several batches, and not risk losing any necessary parts.

Yes! The finished lime popsicles are coated with graham cracker crumbs! Just like what the pie crust is made of!!!!!


Some parts of preparing food require science. Baking is definitely one, and after my experience I'd suggest that freezing may be as well. Now that I know the balance between water and fat, as I've found that to be critical in this process, I'll be sharing more frozen summer(?) treats.

Yes – you definitely need to make some room in your freezer!

Posted by Linda :
Wednesday 08 July 2015 - 19:32:53
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