Calling all Harry Potter fans
My niece Ris is in her junior year of college and shall be spending this next semester studying in Spain! I wanted to send her off with something silly, yet unique and maybe even thoughtful? I think I found just the thing when I stumbled upon a collection of recipes based on the Harry Potter series

Now, I've admitted my lack of J.K knowledge in the past, and while it hasn't improved at all, who could resist Chocolate Frogs?!? Step One: I bought the detailed molds she mentioned from Amazon; and Step Two: I MADE a batch!

I liked the idea of the pretzels for crunch, so that's how I started.

They floated, but if I had waited, my molds would have overflowed. After about 10 minutes at room temp, I used a chopstick to push them down – a couple times – before I put them in the fridge.

Using this mold with the addition of pretzel bites, a single batch made enough for three+ trays, or over two dozen frogs!

I had some 3x5 plastic bags, so a frog went into each, packed into a simple container...

And of course she gets the molds, recipe, a couple boxes of gelatin and one of Dark cocoa (I used “regular” cocoa for my batch) – I truly hope she can find sugar, milk and vanilla, or my baking gal is gonna be lost, lol!

Bon Voyage – oops! Tenga un buen viaje!!! Love you, Lady <3

ps unless I messed up my conversions, personally I would add a bit/bunch more sugar. the pretzels add texture but do NOT crunch your call, as always...

Posted by Linda :
Monday 07 September 2015 - 12:08:48
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