I had to ask a friend about this...
See, all the recipes I'd ever seen for kugel were sweet, and this recipe for Spring Zucchini Kugel was savory. To further confuse me, why “spring”, as zucchini isn't plentiful until late summer, at least around here... My question to Stacey was “is this actually a kugel, or just a recipe using 'noodles' and matzo meal?”

“This kugel is a savory one. Mom used to make both, mostly sweet. Mike's mom would make savory.“ I still didn't have an answer about the time of year, but I proceeded . First off, you need a lot more zucchini than you think! I had five small ones, so I figured I had half a batch. Sauteed, drained and squeezed dry, I had a mound about the size of a baseball. I used an 8'x8' glass pan, and you'll see I could have used more...

After you make all your strips (I used the 'as seen on TV' Veggetti ), you saute them for a bit.

While the zucchini is draining and cooling – you want to wait a bit so you can give a good squeeze (or dozen) to remove as much moisture as possible, mix your eggs and matzo, zest and herbs (I used dried, and it worked just great). Eventually add your “noodles”.

Spread in a heated, oiled pan, smooth the top and bake. Be prepared, it shrinks a bit more!

This was great warm, and even cooled – I grabbed a piece for a quick breakfast the next day? Hey, it's got eggs

But see how thin it is? I used the measurements for a half batch and it was actually over-seasoned, but not in a bad way. Extremely flavorful! Mint and basil are an amazing pairing once you get over your fears, lol.

Use up all that zucchini and enjoy a great side dish as well!

Posted by Linda :
Tuesday 13 October 2015 - 12:01:48
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