This just screams Summer!
Trying to eat healthy with a crazy ever-changing schedule is tough. But here's a good start – this Tex Mex style salad is loaded with protein and veggies, goes together in minutes, and makes a mountain!

The recipe suggested using rotisserie chicken, but as I had some boneless breasts in the freezer I poached those – like 10 minutes once the water boiled and actually easier to dice

I cooked three, but two were more than enough... Dicing tomatoes, a cucumber, pepper jack cheese (yum!), slicing scallions - another five minutes? Chopped the cilantro in seconds... Rinse canned beans, measure some frozen corn kernels...

Isn't that awesome?!? I have to admit, I used my hands to toss this all together! Please note – I hadn't added the lettuce yet as I wanted to highlight all the other great stuff. Very glad I hadn't started there, as my six quart bowl is almost full WITHOUT IT!

The dressing could use some tweaking – while it didn't say so, I added the lime juice with the bottled ranch and flavor packet (actually, the HALF flavor packet). Feeling it needed a touch more heat, in went some dried jalapeno... Let this sit for a while before you taste it again – let the flavors meld and then adjust to your liking. I ended up adding a dash each of cumin and dried chipotle powder, just to get a smokier flavor – by all means, play with it!

I ended up tossing the salad mixture (minus the lettuce) with the dressing, and then serving on a bed of chopped romaine, topping with some toasted pumpkin seeds (crushed tortilla chips were tempting, but remember, I wanted “healthy”).

Colorful, tasty, covering all your food groups (tomatoes are fruit, remember?)... Definitely a keeper! Omit the chicken (if you choose) and you have a festive side dish for your next cookout or family gathering. Me, I'm gonna lunch like a queen

Posted by Linda :
Saturday 11 June 2016 - 16:38:19
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