Happy Anniversary, Taz!
My beloved rescue and I have been together for five years now. While we’ve had some “getting to know you” issues and sometimes feed off of each other’s mood, I feel blessed to have Taz in my life. He is SUCH a smart dog as well as an excellent judge of character!

And that face – who wouldn’t love that face <3

I recently baked him some “cookies” to celebrate, and he is quite happy with Mommy’s results. Don’t tell him, but I shared a few with the St Bernard "LaLa" down the street, and her Daddy asked me for the recipe.

I’d found several recipes, but this one suited my pantry the best. The cookie cutters I had purchased a while back for just such an occasion Remembering my research on kibble I added a palmful of dried parsley and some powdered egg shell for nominal health benefits.

This dough gets extremely stiff – while it is possible to stir by hand, I used the dough hook on my stand mixer. It worked fine as long as I kept scraping down the sides. If you want a smoother appearance, you should knead the dough for a bit - but Taz was already nagging, so I just rolled it "as is".

SERIOUS WARING!!! Read your peanut butter label carefully!!! The popular sugar substitute Xylitol is used in so many products AND IS LETHAL TO DOGS.!!! Make sure it is not in your brand, at least for this application.

Taz is one very happy little boy! And as these can be done in no time at all (mix, cut, bake), he’ll be getting them fairly regularly. Gotta give some of that love back, ya know.

P.S. Practice make perfect! Lala's dad recently told me "they look like REAL dog biscuits!!" Uh, yeah

Posted by Linda :
Tuesday 04 October 2016 - 11:27:55
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