I DID IT! I DID IT! No (sigh), I didn’t…
I dream of replicating Grandmother’s Rolls! Melt in your mouth tender, a good balance of yeast and potato flavor… The thing is, uh, well… I just haven’t yet frown By chance, I had purchased a copy of Better Homes and Gardens’ special publication: One-Pan Recipes. The cover shot of “Saucy Bow Tie Pasta Casserole” looked amazing, so I knew there would be some great inspiration. I was thumbing through, and suddenly there it was – perhaps our family’s own “Holy Grail” - Feather Rolls.I studied the recipes side-by-side: BHG used water and butter instead of milk and Crisco – that’s a pretty even swap, both using dairy, fat and moisture. Not a surprise, BHG had more precise measurements and timing for the steps – Grandmother often used a “pinch” or a “handful”, or “until it looks right” terminology in her recipes wink but the technique and proportions were the same. Then I spotted it –

Grandmother always said to use a cup of mashed potatoes; this recipe only used HALF a cup!! All these years, and all we had to do was reduce the potatoes?!? And just WHY hadn’t I thought of that? They dough looked perfect, the aroma divine…

Ah, but false alarm - they STILL weren’t “right”. They were awfully GOOD, but not “the prize” I sought. Thanks Grandmother for inspiring the search – I promise, one day the next generations will be able to enjoy a small, delicious part of your legacy.

Posted by Linda :
Monday 25 April 2011 - 18:22:18
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