About us
I have always been excited about cooking – started when I was only eight?! I actually knew how to make baked beans from scratch before I knew how to cook hotdogs. The family joke is that Mom gets nosebleeds in the kitchen. I mean no disrespect to my mother - while a very good cook, Mom just has never enjoyed the kitchen. I, however, am PASSIONATE about the creation, the experimentation, and the triumph of a totally unexpected substitution….

Unlike my brothers [who are also excellent cooks!], I DON’T know everything (luv ya, guys!) – so I love exploring and discovering. Over the years I’ve discovered and developed a knack for picking the best of the best recipes – choosing from dozens [or hundreds] to find what I know I [and my family] will enjoy. I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor, so many of my favorites are very economical, while I still enjoy splurging on the occasion.

I haven't mentioned Papa (another great cook) - he also has a talent for picking good recipes. Whenever his cooking magazine collection gets "thinned", I'm always grateful to see what he's dog-eared....

My personal collection includes cookbooks (and recipes) from my Grandmothers – the eldest was born in 1899[!] – and I’ve always enjoyed every cooking show I've had time to watch! New is not always better… but inspiration can come from many sources.

After a delightful conversation about how she wants to be a teacher, and an author, or maybe a chef, I "hired"my niece Marisa. She is a teenager, and will be joining us as our youth consultant. Her news articles, favorite recipes, and advice will be posted in the section "kewl4kids"!

My goals are to help you narrow your search, provide helpful information, answer your "silly" questions (no such thing!) and make it fun for all!. Our tastes may not always agree, but I can guarantee you that I will do my best to find you the best recipe or menu that meets your stated desires.