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 Linda    20 May : 17:03
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A different potato side

Tired of that same ol’ potato salad? Yeah, I love it too, but sometimes you want something a little different. So here’s an idea… From Mario Batali, how about grilled potatoes tossed in a vinaigrette? It’s easy, and almost all of it can be done ahead of time.
You boil your potatoes part way, then slice and throw them on the grill. When they’re lightly browned and you have those beautiful grill marks (ok, my flame was a little too high), you toss them into a simple seasoning, oil, and vinegar blend. Serve hot, or as I found out, they’re pretty awesome the next day as well! Almost forgot - using a fork, poke some holes in your potatoes before you toss them - more flavor can get in... Try it – you’ll like it wink p.s. That's a honey mustard marinated grilled pork chop in the background

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