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 Linda    17 Jun : 23:21

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Crockpot Creamy Chicken Spaghetti - well, sort of

And I probably would. And you would, too. But when I read it later, I just had to tweak. Easy creamy, cheesy chicken, practically dump and cook in the slow cooker. Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti, I mean, what could be better? But I guess when I read it again I just couldn't wrap my head around Mexican flavors and, uh, spaghetti? So I used a cup of long grain rice instead (raw, at the beginning). Lots of green peppers, but no red, so how about a 28 oz can of diced tomatoes? The rice was going to need extra liquid, right? Oops, NOW there's a bunch more veggies and I only have the pound of chicken – so in goes a can of black beans for protein wink Oh, and fresh garlic instead of powdered...
While mushroom soup doesn't bring “Mexican” to mind, it was probably the easiest way to enhance the creaminess of the texture, so yeah, that stayed. Okay, I added a couple things, including ground chipotle pepper, but hey, it's MY kitchen!
As I often do, I used the recipe as a guideline – and that's the way it should be! Three hours later, before the last of the cheese went in...
The rice wasn't quite cooked, so I added about a cup of stock and kept it on “Hi” for another 30 minutes. Cheese in, set to “Lo”...
Not the prettiest dish ever, but this is great comfort food – chicken and rice and cheese, oh my wink Nice flavor, but not much heat, so I'll leave that up to you (me, I added some pepper flakes)...

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