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Ironically, as I have done my best to help build this site's membership, there have been those of a nastier ilk trying to post hidden messages or simply post a ton of SPAM!

I don't want either, and I'm quite sure that you don't. In efforts to avoid those, we may have created a couple glitches...

IF you should experience what I've been told is the most common message, "That doesn't appear to be a valid email address", I apologize. In the meantime, please go to our "Contact Us" page, and scroll to 'Linda' and send me an email. All I need to set up an account for you (I can do it through a back door?) is what you want as a login, and how you want your articles/comments signed, if different.

I'll give you some silly password which I'll email you back with, and you can change it anytime you like by going to 'Settings', once you've signed in.

This is really embarrassing. It's NOT our fault! Some hackers do good - others simply ... AAURGH!!!! Yeah, this is a FAMILY site, so that's all I'll say wink

Trust me - if you want to share recipes, ask questions, tell stories about your family experiences involving food - you've found the right place.

Much love to you all!

Posted by Linda :
Tuesday 18 December 2012 - 01:49:18
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