Recreating a Happy Accident
The story goes something like this: Best friends of many decades were exploring the delights of a city known for gambling, live shows, and all you can eat buffets. At an establishment of the last variety, somehow the choices of Cheesecake and Bananas Foster became co-mingled, thus creating, and I quote, “the best dessert ever”. Now if that doesn't sound like a divine kind of challenge, I don't know what would?! Yes, there are several things 'called' Banana Foster Cheesecake out there, but in reading the comments, they all seem to have one of two complaints: the cheesecake has an odd texture and/or the banana flavoring is overpowering (because it's in the cake). Let's fix that. For testing purposes, I liked the concept of the Apple Crisp Cheesecake bars - that way I only need make a half batch (8”square) at a time. As I was pleased the first time(!), it just gave me an excuse to make more wink The following is what I did, and why: So instead of the shortbread crust that my guide calls for, or a traditional graham cracker, I'm using Vanilla Wafer Crumbs (like they use in Banana Pudding?) - a dash of cinnamon just for fun? I think the cheesecake filling will serve my purposes, just as it is. Again, I added a dash of lemon juice and lemon rind to accent the contrast between the filling and sweet topping. Now here's the challenge: if I were serving this right on the spot, I'd just make Bananas Foster then and serve warm over the cold cake, and that would be it. But as in most of my elaborate cooking, it is meant for me to bring elsewhere, ready to serve. I'm looking for something that can be prepared ahead, and will still delight. Just pouring the sugar/rum syrup over the top would not sit well (literally) – so in looking for a way to create a glaze or spread, I remembered Cook's Country's tip on making banana pudding – they roasted bananas to intensify the flavor. SO – I pureed (raw) bananas and added the flavorings I wanted: butter, brown sugar, rum (quantities HERE) - make sure this is really smooth! Gently spread over the unbaked cheese filling, and into the oven. Oh wait! Garnish... I wasn't sure bananas would brown on their own, so I lightly brushed my remaining, sliced bananas with the melted butter/syrup from the pan, and arranged on top... NOW bake, lol!
I know I've talked a lot here – but don't you think it was worth it?!!? Having not been there on that fateful day, I can't truly speak to my success... Speaking strictly for myself? I'll make this again wink

Posted by Linda :
Wednesday 13 February 2013 - 21:45:21
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