Pizza in half an hour?
I made my first cauliflower pizza a few years back when my sis-in-law started having issues with gluten.
In my new endeavor with keto, they have become a staple! Now, the original recipe I found didn't use cauli - simply eggs and cheese. I tried it, very good, but since I had a ton of cauli rice I've since added about a cup to his 4 eggs and 6 oz of shredded cheese (I prefer moz).
Just spread it out on some parchment,
Bake at 400F for 10-15 minutes. Let it kewl a touch before you proceed (but turn your oven up to 450F).
Most brands of spaghetti/tomato sauce have sugar - so either make your own or simply use tomato PASTE!
Spread it out - you don't need much!
SEASON!!! I used garlic powder, oregano, and dried onion.
Up to this point, your entire crust plus the cheese for topping has about 1000 calories, or more importantly, 15 net carbs. How you top it depends on you, so I can't guide you there - but I used some precooked hot Italian sausage and diced green pepper to top mine last night.
We've already accounted for another 4oz (1 cup) of shredded moz or provolone (I like them mixed!)
Ten minutes at 450F... Oh so good! I usually slice into six pieces - the original recipe says this serves 2, but I never eat more than two slices at a time - it's THAT satisfying!!!
(and, ahem, I HAVE eaten an entire frozen pizza in an evening... frown )

Posted by Linda :
Sunday 18 March 2018 - 20:34:24
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